ICATS – Committed to Application Training Excellence:

PCMN Plc is proud to have been appointed as not only Nigeria’s sole training provider for the Institute of Corrosion Applicator Training Scheme, ICATS (UK), but the first approved ICATS supervisor in Africa.

What is ICATS?
ICATS is a globally recognised, comprehensive structured training scheme for the training, certification and registration, of industrial surface preparation and coating operatives in the Oil & Gas sector. The key focus of the scheme is on safe working practices, surface preparation and coatings application techniques working to globally recognised industry standards.

The training scheme’s mandatory basic unit – ‘Industrial Coatings Applicator’ – comprises of 6 modules: 
• Health and Safety
• Site Access
• Plant and Equipment
• Surface Preparation
• Paint Types & Application
• Quality Control

To further reinforce the skill level scheme has delivered it is now recognised by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and any operative passing the ICATS Basic Module can apply for a CSCS card.

The application of protective coating systems is a highly skilled operation. Using unskilled, unqualified operatives drastically increases the risk of a costly coating failure. The Industrial Coating Applicator Training Scheme (ICATS) addresses the need for a structured training scheme, reducing risk and giving Industrial Painting Contractors peace of mind.

It works with you
It’s an in-house, on-the-job training course, designed to suit both experienced operatives and newer recruits. Ongoing assessment allows the training to fit around the daily tasks of the operative, which means that personnel-in-training are not required to be away from the workplace for extended periods of time.

It works for you
Having a trained and qualified workforce will allow you to demonstrate your capability – to your current and potential customers – to tackle most industrial painting projects in an efficient and professional way; giving them confidence that they have selected the right company for the job.

International Paint - Health & Safety Training:

PCMN Plc in conjunction with International Paints, offers training in Health & Safety matters directly related to the surface preparation and coatings industry, which is specialised health and safety training specifically geared to understand the hazards of the coatings application industry and how to avoid these hazards in the workplace generally and specifically where related to working in confined spaces.

PCMN Plc has trained and certified several hundred operatives in the field for its clients, and has also been involved on behalf of the International Oil Companies, with certifying the competency of contractors personnel before they are allowed to work on IOC’s Projects.

PCMN Plc is proud of the development of the local contracting skills in Nigeria, which reduces the dependence upon Expatriate Skills and allows for the continual increasing of a skilled and highly competent pool of Nigerian specialists in the field of corrosion protection.

Surface Preparation:

  • Dry Abrasive Blast cleaning
  • Wet Abrasive Blast cleaning
  • Ultra High Pressure Cleaning
  • Needle de-scaling
  • Wire Brushing

Coatings Application:

  • Brush painting techniques
  • Roller painting techniques
  • Stripe coating techniques
  • Conventional spray painting techniques
  • Airless spray painting techniques
  • Plural spray painting techniques.