Fraud Notification

To: All Valued Customers

Subject: Counterfeit Products & Passing Off Alert

As the Leading Brand of Marine & Protective coatings globally, the International Paint Brand of products is subject at times to counterfeiting, adulteration and to passing off by other companies as either International Paint, or as representing International Paint.

We urge all clients to be extremely careful in purchasing International Paint products in Nigeria, and alert you to the fact that PCMN Plc is the ONLY authorised Manufacturer and distributor of International Paints products in Nigeria.

Should any product purporting to be International Paint be purchased in Nigeria from any company other than PCMN Plc, the product is invariably fake, and carries no warranty/guarantee or support in Nigeria.

Please see the attached 2 letters recently issued by our Licensor International Paints Ltd UK, to the following companies insisting these cease and desist in passing themselves off as International Paints in Nigeria.

1. IPWA Plc

2. Integrated Coating Systems

Should you have any queries, or have suffered as a result of buying counterfeit International Paint products, please contact PCMN Plc who will ensure that our Licensor immediately acts against such illegal action by fraudsters and tricksters.

Contact details:
Tel:+234 (0) 1 342 9083