PCM Nigeria becomes an ICATS Training Provider

PCMN in October 2011 became the first training in Africa for ICATS. ICATS is now being implemented in Nigeria by Chevron Texaco.

Contractors providing surface preparation and paint application are beginning training to the ICA module. PCM Nigeria is providing training in both Lagos and Port Harcourt for applicators.

David Eyre ICATS Coordinator began negotiations with PCMN in Summer 2011 for delivery of the scheme and conducted the first Train the Trainer course in September at the PCMN factory in Lagos.  Chris Campos, who has been an ICATS trainer for a number of years selected two of his most experienced technical staff to go through the course with the view to deliver the initial training to Chevron Texaco’s contractors. Chris and his team delivered the first courses early in December and have now qualified the first applicators in Africa. Further courses are planed throughout 2012 with the objective of eventually delivering the course to  the wider Oil and Gas customers in Nigeria.

PCMN are the licensed manufacturer for International Paints in West Africa and are actively promoting ICATS to the wider Oil and Gas Industry in that area.

The PCMN team with 2nd Left Chris Campos and 3rd Left Mike Thompson MD.

For further information regarding courses in West Africa contact Chris Campos Tel +234-1-7404044.