Our industrial products continue to dominate in their sectors. We manufacture a wide range of air-dry QD paints and coatings which offer superior performance and cost-effectiveness. Purchased any wooden furniture lately? Chances are that the wood finish on your purchase came directly from our factory. Chemspec is the leading supplier of stains and wood finish products to the South African furniture manufacturing industry, with an estimated market share in the region of 75%. Included in our Industrial offering is an assortment of specialist coatings and solvent products for specific applications.


10% Dye Concentrate

Available in Black, Yellow and Red.

Patina stains

Available in Butterscotch, Black and White.

Universal stains

A range of stains which can be used as penetrating stains as well as matching stains. The yellow, black and red may also be used to ‘tone-over’ our thinner based penetrating stains. Available in Burgundy, Blue, Green, Imbuia, Antique, Black, Yellow and Red

Matching stains

These lacquer based matching stains are used for shading in after sealing and before top coating. They are not suitable for tinting the woodfinish range. If these stains are ‘over-applied’, the result can be a delamination of topcoats from the sealer. Excessive shading should be avoided. Available in Mahogany, Oregon, Black, AB Imbuia, Yellow and Red.

Thinner based penetrating stains

Our thinner based penetrating stains can be ragged, dipped or sprayed. Available in Mahogany, KC Number 1, KC Dark Brown, RFU Oak Dipping, Black, Yellow, Honey and Red.

Penetrating Stains

Economical range of penetrating stains which may also be used to tint our woodfinish range (up to 5% max). Available in Antique, AB Imbuia and Chartwell Brown.

Wood Glue

Low Viscosity Wood Glue

Suitable for soft woods and hard woods. Glue dries to clear.

Gap Filling Wood Glue

Designed for chipboard. Glue dries to white.

Water Resistant Wood Glue

A high-quality water resistant wood glue suitable for soft woods and hard woods. Glue dries to clear.

Deco Superior Wood Glue

Suitable for soft woods and hard woods. Glue dries to clear

Chem Spec Wood Glue

Suitable for use on soft woods. Glue dries to white or beige.

Woodline Gloss Toners

Woodline Primers


Twin pack Polyurethane acrylic suitable as a sealer and topcoat on timber. Provides excellent durability, chemical resistance and gloss retention. Available in Clear Gloss, Satin White and Satin Sealer. Also available in the Woodcryl range is an MS Hardener available in Fast and Slow speeds.

Woodline Laquers

Woodline Reaction Lacquer

An assortment of reaction lacquers available in clear and pigmented colours. A variety of gloss levels are also available spanning from gloss to matt finishes. These products have to be catalysed and used within 12 hours. Formulated to give the lowest odour, best build, quickest drying and toughest flexible film. Available in Clear Gloss Full Cure, Clear Sheen 45, Clear Sealer, Clear Matt 20, Clear Satin 30, Clear Flat 10 and Clear Silk 60.

Quick Dry Enamels

UV Multicoat Lacquers

This UV Cured Mulitcoat Lacquer is based on unsaturated acrylate resins and is suitable for coniferous woods such as knotty pine, MDF, veneers and other applications. pine, MDF, Veneers.

666 Industrial Lacquers

This Nitro Cellulose based Industrial lacquer is available in black and white. It is suitable for Metal, Softwood and Hardwood veneers.


A high quality lacquer range offers Industrial lacquers in White, Fast Yellow, Black and Orange. Also featured in this range is the UV Multi Lacquer available in High Gloss and Satin.

Industrial Coatings

A range of premium quality industrial coatings are available for various uses and applications.

Industrial Hammertone

A range of economically priced alkyd based spraying enamels. They are used as a general purpose enamel for truck bodies, trucks, buses, general transport, farm implements etc. Available in Dark Green, Blue, Grey, Charcoal, Light Blue and Light Green.

Industrial Enamel

Available in Aluminium, SE Anti Corrosive Black, OP Anti Corrosive Black, Mercedes Chassis Red and Radiator Black.

Zinc Chromate Primer

Quick drying, general purpose primers ideal for spraying or brushing. Contains Zinc Chromate anti-corrosive pigment. Can be overcoated with quick dry enamels or alkyd based undercoats and topcoats. Not suitable for lacquer based topcoats. Available in Red Oxide, Olive Green, Light Olive Green and Light Grey.


Excellent range of versatile economical enamels with good durability and fast drying characteristics. Ideal for coating drums, steel parts, implements, trailers and other items. Available in a range of colours on request.


twin pack Polyurethane enamels

Chemthane offers range of twin pack Polyurethane enamels for use on a wide range of steel, fibreglass, and other substrates where good durability and resistance to physical and environmental elements is required. The range includes dual pack bases, 13 toners, primers, thinners, and standard colours.



Includes a high-quality chemical rust remover and pickling agent for steel as well as paint stripper, auto matting base and industrial matting base.


High build Alkyd Zinc Phosphate Primer

High solids Alkyd-Based Zinc Phosphate Primer suitable for mild steel. Available in Grey and Red Oxide.

Twin base vinyl etch base / activator

Economical twin pack yellow vinyl etch primer for galvanizing iron, zintec, fibreglass and stainless steel which can be overcoated with air-dry enamels, quick-dry enamels, lacquers etc.

Chemcoat™ etch primer

Offers good adhesion to clean steel and other metallic substrates. Dries quickly to a pleasing semi matt finish. Good heat and water resistance. Available in Black, Red Oxide, Ivory and Grey.

1K Etch filler primer

This primer is suitable for aluminium, galvanized iron and steel. Available in black only.

Water based etch primer

Water dilutable etch primer suitable for spraying and dipping. Thinning and washing with water eliminates solvent costs. This product has more that twice the solids of standard solvent based etch primers which means that a single spray will achieve the required dry film thickness on blasted steel. Excellent adhesion to steel and is completely non-toxic for the user. Available in Red Oxide only.

Standard Etch primer

A more economical version of Chemcoat™ but still has the equivalent adhesion to clean metal plus heat and water resistance. Available in Red Oxide, SV Matt Black, Black, White and Duromax Black.

Window dip primer

An economical high cover Red Oxide primer for dip tanks. Highly suitable for dipping window frames door frames and other manufactured steel items. Can be handled within 2 hours. May also be brushed or sprayed. Available in Red Oxide Dipping and Primekote.


Stoving Enamel

A range of high quality stoving enamels with excellent hardness, durability and flexibility. Available in gloss, satin or matt finishes and can be tailor made for special application requirements. Stoving enamels can be applied directly to steel, rust, dirt, grease or over Chem Spec single pack etch primer. Available in Aluminium, Matt Black, ADC Silver, Red Oxide and Eggshell White.


Offers a range of twin pack polyamide cured epoxy enamels. Epoxy enamels are best suited for application as floor enamels, machinery coatings, or in chemical corrosive atmospheres where alkaline conditions prevail. They are high gloss, very hard and extremely durable. For best results proper surface preparation and priming is essential. Under normal circumstances, drying time is approximately 4 hours. Available in Clear Gloss, White, Brilliant Green, Light Grey, and Black. For special advice or where tailor made products are needed, contact our Technical Service Division.

Epoxy Strontium Chromate primer

A high quality epoxy twin pack primer for industry where anti-corrosive properties are required. Supplied at spraying viscosity. This primer flashes off in 10-20 minutes, touch dries in one hour and cures in 16 hours to a uniform matt finish which is ideal for overcoating with epoxy or polyurethane topcoats. Available in this range is Epoxy Strontium Chromate White Base and Epoxy Strontium Chromate Curing Agent.